Today, we are looking at the birmingham place 2020 gift guide for the KIDS.

Here are all my ideas for the kids on your list, whether they are you own, a niece, nephew or friend. I have a six-year-old boy and a four-year-old girl so much of this is based on things they want, have and love, or I know they would have fun with.

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Awesome idea to get the kids away from the TV and using their brains. This coding toy includes over 18 activities and allows them to build their own superhero gauntlet with a step-by-step video guide.

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This is our daughter’s most wanted item. It’s a Baby Alive doll with a blender you make smoothies with. I can’t attest to how messy this might be but I can let you know after Christmas! Either way, she’s going to die when she opens it!

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big joey chair

Give your kids their own place to lounge. Perfect for gaming and movie nights and move easily around the house so they can go from room to living space to the game room. Comes in four colors!

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bicycle spoke lights

Take night rides up a few notches with these bicycle spoke lights. I’m grabbing these for our kids this year and I know they are going to love them.

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crazy forts

Our kids have really been into building forts with their friends lately and have made them out of everything from boxes to blankets and chairs. While I love the imagination of that, this kit looks so fun and says you can make everything from a pirate ship to an igloo with the pieces. My kids and their friends would love this.

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This is on our son’s list this year. It’s a marble run you build from scratch with a ton of different pieces. Perfect for the kid that loves to build, but gives them a break from legos. Great STEM toy to keep them off the screens for a minute.

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princess dress-up set


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boys play costumes

Don’t forget the boys like to dress-up too! Great set with all their heroes.

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make-up removing cloths

Our son got this for his birthday and it has been awesome to have. He wants to be outside so he can ride it and got the hang of it within a few minutes. Highly recommend.

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karaoke machine

Santa’s elves are working on this one for us this year. If you have a kid, like ours, who loves to put on a concert on the fireplace, this is the gift for them. It comes with two mics (I told my husband to start prepping for his Christmas morning duet) and even puts on a light show. Comes in pink and black.

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$104 – $126 (based on current amazon seller prices)

kidizoom camera

It seems like these are hard to get ahold of this year, but if you can, snag it. Kids can take photos and record video using 20 different backgrounds. If your child wants to be the next Cole and Ethan, this will get them on their way. 

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Our daughter has a bit of a kinetic sand obsession but she will play with this stuff for a solid hour. Yes, it does get messy but it vacuums right up. best tip is to also buy a plastic bin to play and store it in.

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magic tracks

Santa brought this to our house last Christmas and it’s been a hit all year. Even had to make an appearance at school show-n-tell (ha!) What I love about this one is it requires building so the kids invest some time as opposed to playing for two seconds and then moving on.

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If the child on your list can write, I love this gift. They write their own story and illustrate it, then you mail it all in and get back a hardcover, bound book of their creation. Kids will LOVE this.

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If you ask our son what he wants for Christmas, this is at the very top of the list. I think all the YouTube ads influenced him.

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We have a LEGO fiend in our house and if you have one too, this is sure to be a favorite. He especially loves the sets that come with several little characters, like this one. There are other sets at varying price points so you can be sure to find one that fits your budget.

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our generation doll with dog

This is towards the top of our daughter’s list. Our generation is the Target version of the American Girl doll and they have a ton of options from Pilots to Ballerinas.

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Kids die over their own wheels. I love how this seats two so there’s no fighting on fitting more than one and it can go up to 5 MPH. We got our daughter a different car for her birthday but it didn’t have the variable speed or two seats and I wish we would have sprung for this one!

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I didn’t have this on the list for our daughter but I might have to add it. So adorable and has everything you need for a play purse and is one of the cutest I’ve seen. I would wear that bag!

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For the younger kids on your list, this is the ideal first scooter. With two front wheels, balancing is much easier while they get the hang of it. Has light up wheels and comes in pink and blue.

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We love tea parties at our house and I can’t get over this adorable set. Since everything fits in a case, it would look as adorable on a shelf as when it’s in use.

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tulsa zoo membership

If you are local to Tulsa, you can’t go wrong with a zoo membership. If you aren’t local, see what’s available in your town for zoos, aquariums and chidlren’s museums. We love being able to pop by when the weather is nice.

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unicorn overnight duffel

Could sleepovers at the grandparents get any cuter?!

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walkie talkies

Let your kids go on epic adventures with their friends with these in tow. Rechargeable batteries, over a mile range and a set of 3 so everyone has one.

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electric scooter

For the kids that are a bit older and a bit more balanced, this affordable electric scooter would be a killer gift. It goes up to 8 mph and has 70 minutes of ride time when fully charged.Pink and blue are both in stock right now.

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