I’ve shared on instagram before that this is my favorite book on creating a home. It has nothing to do with how it looks, and everything to do with how it feels – how the people who walk in the doors feel. This is a special book to me and I highly recommend it to everyone.

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I have these and love them. So much so that when I lost one at the beach this summer, I immediately bought a new pair. 

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Grub Rub Seasoning

This is the best seasoning. Hands down. Our favorite way to use it? A trick we got from some friends – sprinkle it over thick bacon and bake it in the oven. It caramelizes and OMG… so good.

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copper grill mat

My aunt recently told me about these and said they make everything you grill even more juicy and makes clean-up super easy. I’m sold!

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Pre-made Mini Cocktail

I saw these at a local liquor store and love the mini size. You could put them all in one stocking or if you have a lot of adults in the family, could divide and give everyone one or two each. If your store doesn’t have them, these mixers from Target are pretty cute.

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Car Cleaning Wipes

Kyle has been more concerned about keeping his car clean in the last few years and while he has rags and sprays at home, these would be great to keep in the glove box while he’s on the road.

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whiskey sticks

This is a product I’ve been seeing all over instagram so maybe I’m being a bit influenced, but seems like something the guys in my life would like.

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 I usually include a watch in our kid’s stockings. Truthfully, they tend to break or get lost but they love them while they last and are inexpensive enough for it to not be a huge deal.

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We play Uno all the time in our house. Both our 6-year-old and 4-year-old can easily play, and our 4-year-old has the longest winning streak. The games go fast enough that we can easily fit in a round or two after dinner and before bed. Great way to work on colors and numbers, too!

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Rubiks Cube

Fun and promotes brain development? Sign my kids up!

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Anyone else’s kids love bandaids and treat them like stickers? That’s how it goes in our house so these are always a hit. If Target has them in the dollar section, I always stock up.

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Bath Bombs

My kids love bath bombs and bath color drops. They don’t last too long around our house but they are a fun treat for them.

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Our daughter has been asking repeatedly for clip-on earrings so she is going to die over these!

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$7.99 (on sale!)

hat + gloves

I love including a new hat and gloves in the stocking each year for both kids and this one is too cute!

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ella + mila nail polish

I like this nail polish for my daughter because it’s a clean product and since she sucks her thumb (we are working on that!), I don’t worry about it too much with this. It doesn’t last super long, like it claims but it’s easy enough to remove and re-apply.

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velvet bows

I am loving the color variety of these and of course the fact that they are velvet but I also love that you get two in each color – perfect for pigtails!

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A few other ideas I like to include are:

socks • candy • bath/shower products • underwear • new coffee mug or travel mug • travel-size cologne/purfume • lip balm • jewelry • play dough • make-up • small candles • mini liquor bottles • lottery tickets • $5 coffee gift cards