Last week it was snowing and today is sunny with a high of 57. If there’s one thing you can count on in Tulsa, it’s ever-changing weather. Not complaining though – I love the sun! Many of the images I saved this week either seemed to fall under super festive Christmas scenes covered in snow or areas that make me wish for summer. What season is your favorite? I’m a summer girl through and through. I don’t even care if it’s hot – give me days by the pool, a Vizzy in hand, and a tan.

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I image if this is where you go home for Christmas, it’s full of pure magic. The inside must twinkle at every turn, a cozy fire burning with a tree covered in Radko’s and everything you asked Santa for below. Shared by @mcmenimon.


You have to go check this one out on instagram and swipe to see all the photos in the series. I really wanted to show you the banquette you get a small peek of beyond the countertop. Surrounded by palm wallpaper with that large pendant hanging above, it stops you in your tracks. This countertop with the brass faucet isn’t too bad either. Shared by @mmlighting. Design by @andreazappone. Photo by @elizabethpedinottihaynes.


This shape of this shower is so unexpected and I love it for that. I used to be very anti- bath in the shower but every time I clean our big, jetted, early 2000s tub, I think about how awesome it would be to just hose it down, and that alone has converted me. Design by  @aanovo. Photo by @sarahshieldsphoto.


Can we take a moment to gawk over how adorable this puppy is? Just put a red bow around her. We have two cocker spaniels and I pretty much just don’t allow them to be bathed at home anymore – so. much. hair. But this situation would change all that. And it’s gorgeous! I love how the cabinetry and tile are in a similar tone to keep the look soft adding in some interest with that gorgeous patterned wallpaper and brass hardware. I’ll take this for Christmas, please. Photo by @monikahibbs. Shared by @smpliving.



We have worked on our outdoor space gradually over the last 4.5 years. This last spring, we extended the patio to add a dining area but the one thing we are still really missing is an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. This situation would do! I love how it looks just as comfy as an indoor seating area. All it’s missing is my glass of cab and I could spend many a night here. Design by


Kyle used to spend a lot of time working in Canada and I always said I wanted to go to Old Quebec City at Christmastime. We’ve still not made it but it’s still on my list. This looks straight out of a storybook and I want to experience it IRL. Shared by @millspringtravel. Photo from @travelandleisure.