It’s a tale as old as time. She likes alllll the pillows and he likes none of them. I hate to stereotype and maybe it’s the reverse in your house, but I think it’s something we are all familiar with. I typically see when there are too many pieces to a bed, the likelihood of it getting made rapidly declines – and for that, I have a solution.

To be totally honest here, I rarely made my bed before quarantine this year unless guests were coming over. I always am the first one up between Kyle and I, and prior to this year, had to rush out the door five days of the week so there wasn’t time.

Well, this year it became a habit and I don’t want to go back. Walking into our room with a made bed is a whole different, and pleasant, vibe. You should try it!

I do have to say though, much of my ability to make it every day is I have a very simple bed makeup that takes less than two minutes to make. We all have two minutes, right? Give this recipe a try. I hope it helps you… and your relationship. 😉




I’m not going to get too particular here other than I recommend white. White bedding gives a space a crisp, clean feel. Think about a hotel. Generally, white bedding you want to fall into after a day of travel. That’s what we are going for here. White sheets are also so easy to wash and remove stains. If you have a sheet brand you love, go with those.

For an affordable option, I’ve heard great things about these performance sheets from Target. Marshalls and TJ Maxx are also great places to snag a deal.

target performance sheets



The coverlet is my secret weapon when it comes to a bed that’s well put-together. By pulling a coverlet over your sheets, you will achieve a smooth top and the extra coziness at night doesn’t hurt either. Stores from Walmart to Dillard’s have options. Here’s an Amazon find that would work just as well. I like a knit coverlet but you could use a quilt as well.



If you saw my instagram stories a few weeks ago, you know my husband and I had a battle of the pillows we solved. He was sleeping on the absolute worst pillows that were 100 years old and probably initially $5 from Walmart. I don’t really care if he sleeps on them but we have a king bed and the standard size was throwing off the look. We solved it with new Target pillows, all King size, and we both picked the ones we liked best.

Whether your pillows are Target or a MyPillow or Coop (I’ve heard good things about these!), just make sure the sizing is consistent and matches your bed size. For example, a King bed needs 4x King pillows (2 for each side). You can put the shams on two and the sheet covers on the others. I like to stack my pillows lying down at the back of the bed with the sham-covered pillows on top. Here’s a pillow sizing guide if you need more help.

If you are outfitting a guest bed, I recommend getting a few different types of pillows (i.e. down, gel, etc.) so your guest has something that suits them.

target gel pillow



I love using euro pillow standing up in front of the bed pillows. For a King bed, you’ll want three, a queen and full bed, two, and a twin just one will do. Euro pillows are 26″ x 26″. This is a place you can either go white or play with texture and pattern. This Amazon set of two is only $32.99!




Now that you have pillows, sheets and a coverlet to keep things looking smooth, it’s time for the duvet (or comforter, depending on your preference). I like to take my duvet and pull it all the way to the top of the bed and then fold it down twice. This adds some weight to the end of the bed that looks luxurious and like something I can’t wait to dive back into.

Once again, white works really well here and gives you that hotel bed feel but you should also feel free to go with something you love in a texture or pattern. I’ve been really into the linen look lately and love this one from West Elm but this more affordable Target option has a fun fringe detail on the shams I’m loving too!



This is my favorite part! This is the finishing touch on the whole thing. Remember those 10 decorative pillows you’ve had? NO MORE! You have one now and it’s a lumbar pillow across the whole bed that adds rich color and texture. It’s like tying a bow on the whole thing. If you go with mostly white bedding, you can really have fun with color here.

If you go with more color in your duvet and euro pillows, then I’d recommend going with a textured neutral. You’ll want a euro pillow that’s about 2/3 the width of your bed, so for a King, you’re looking for something about 48″ long. For something unique, Etsy and The Citizenry are great sources. For a solid, I  love this solid velvet option or this leather one! 

velvet lumbar pillow target leather lumbar pillow

And that’s it! Simple, right?

Use this bed recipe and you will save time and stop the complaining about “too many pillows.” Let me know how it goes!