When you are prepping your home to sell, staging is crucial. We are going to show you how to stage your home – whether selling or staying.

If the home is vacant, this means hiring a professional stager to bring in furnishings, art and accessories to turn the space into a place buyers can envision as their home.

If you will still be living in your home, there are a lot of strategies for editing your home to achieve a quick sell at a premium price. 

The same staging strategies we use for a home on the market can also be applied when you have no plans to move. It’s amazing what some sprucing and styling can do to help you fall in love with your home.

We put together a free staging guide to guide you through how to stage your home – whether staging or staying.

Free Staging Guide

Our free staging guide covers all the key areas in a home: kitchen, living, entry, laundry, bathroom(s), owner’s suite, kid’s rooms, garage and the outdoor areas. To get this room-by-room guide, click here or sign up below. It includes a checklist for each room plus essentials we recommend for styling the space! You can also shop those items here.

Over the next several blog posts, I’ll be walking you through each space but for the downloadable reference guide, you’ll definitely want to grab the pdf below.

Can’t wait to work through this process together. Also make sure to check out our posts on instagram!



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