Full-Service Design Process



Are you a Tulsa-area home owner with a space (or spaces!) in your home needing an update but you are lost on where to start? Full-service design may be right for you. This service is ideal if you prefer a designer to walk alongside you and do all the heavy-lifting while you see your new space come together.

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Initial Call

We kick your project off with a complimentary 30-minute call to discuss your project, cost, budget and vision. We follow-up with a proposal and answers to all your questions about working with us.




This meeting will involve us coming out to your home for measurements and to discuss what you envision for the space, the budget, time-frame expectations, and to talk through the design direction for your project. There is a $150 consultation fee billed upon scheduling and we will spend up to 2 hours at your home.



Design Concepting

During this 2-week phase, we provide an outline for the project scope and a 50% design retainer is due. The retainer is based on the estimated design hours, billed hourly. Once paid, we will get to work on a space plan, concept boards for the direction of the space, inventory list of all items to be sourced and a proposed timeline.



Design Development + Sourcing

With the concept established, we get to work on the details. This 3-4 week process includes assembling mood boards and sourcing every detail including textiles, paint, rugs, fixtures, furnishings and more. There will be various mini-reviews throughout this process as we hone in on the aesthetic and selections for your space. The remaining 50% design retainer is due at this time.



Presentation + Approval

Now it gets really fun! We will come to your home and present our design and sourced selections. This includes mood boards, layouts, paint, wall coverings, flooring, textile and fabric samples, and proposed furniture and lighting. If adjustments are needed, we will make those at this time until you give us the stamp of final approval. With final approval in hand, we will work with you to place orders for all items.




The big day is here! When all items are delivered, we will schedule an installation day. You will leave your home for the day and we will get to work on installing all furnishings and accessories. You come home at the end of the day for the big reveal to see the final product of your new space!


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