The new year has certainly inspired me to write down my goals and begin the work towards them but for some reason I’ve been on a social media posting break of sorts without even meaning to. I think the craziness of last year finally hit me and I just needed to chill for a minute. Anyone else feeling that?

That said, I’m beginning to get my energy back and looking forward to sharing more. I also just finished my Staging Design Professional™ certification, which frees up a bit of time. Can’t wait to put what I learned into practice!

Anyway, despite my lack of posting, Instagram is not lacking in inspiration. Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite posts from other Home Stagers I follow. These companies and the people behind them are doing amazing work to get homes sold in the least number of days with the highest profit. (I can help you do the same! Check out my services.)

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I’ve never navigated towards stone much but I’ve been seeing so many great uses of the material lately, especially indoors and in muted palettes with a lot of over-grouting and it’s winning me over. The styling of this space by Stone House Staging and Design is beautiful with the found cutting boards and basket full of citrus. Styling tip – a bowl of lemons in a kitchen is always a must.



escape the heat

I started following Blissful Design Studio a few years ago when we were looking for a vacation rental in Scottsdale. She and her team have flipped and staged 100s of properties in the Phoenix metro and every single one is on point with it’s layers and textures. Sometimes staging can be too cold and lacking in these things but Brittany nails it every time. 



layers done right.

One of the principles of staging is to layout your furniture perpendicular to the focal point, which in this case is the fireplace. Euro Staging did a wonderful job here drawing your eye there but filling in the rest of the space with beautiful, streamlined furniture and layers of accessories to fill the space without overcrowding. I could see myself living here, couldn’t you?


when do i move in?

Light (check), bright (check), airy (check. Lexi Grace Designs is another Phoenix-area staging and design studio with a warehouse to envy and a style to aspire towards. Shelving in a space can be so overwhelming (we have tips on how to combat there here), but they flawlessly filled the space in a non-kitchy way. 



sweet dreams were made of these.

Are you kidding me with this adorable guesthouse turned office staged by MO Designs? This is an absolute dream.



so luxe.

I love how orchids add warmth, style and elevation to a space and I generally like to use them in bathrooms but added to this seating area by QA Interiors, it’s a total vibe. Every selection here from the chairs to the sofa to the accessories are layered in a warm, elevated way that looks so luxury.



heart eyes.

I started following Trish at Sagewood Interiors a while back and love seeing how she’s grown her business so quickly in just a couple of years (goals!) She’s also been so gracious to answer questions so I get the sense she’s an awesome person on top of her great style and I love following good people, don’t you? I adore the simple wooden bench paired with the poster bed here. I’m also a champion for simple bedding with varied texture and love how she accomplished that here.



blank slate.

If you are selling your home, you cannot go wrong with painting the walls white. It gives a gorgeous backdrop for furnishings and accessories buyers will love. Set to Sell showcases that here with simple styling that feels inviting.



so fresh. so clean.

Simply Staged is yet another Phoenix staging house I love to follow. Their style is clean, modern and unfussy, which makes it all the more easy to find inspiration you can easily implement in your own home. 



pose for your shelfie.

I mention this all the time but shelves do not have to be scary! I can’t tell you how many people I either know or have seen post about shelves they don’t touch because they are intimidated. You just need a formula, and the same one I share was largely used here by The Avenue Staging and Design. What’s the formula? (1) books, (2) frames, (3) vases, (4) greenery, (5) candlesticks, (6) knick-nacks. (And if you need extra help on a design plan for shelves in your home, we can do this via my virtual design services.)



Let’s eat.

This gorgeous dining room by Layton Designs, based in Oklahoma City, is all the things I love. Simple. Layered. And a bit of greenery to top it off. I especially love the use of the long upholstered bench for one side to ease up on the room being too “leggy”. Speaking of, did you see Studio McGee’s new oversized ottoman that was released today? It would be perfect here.




So far, I would consider this first Sunday of 2021 successful. I slept in, cuddled, drank a bit too much coffee, started Dream Home Makeover season 2, went to church online, cleaned out the fridge and the pantry, started a new audio book (The 10x Rule) and picked up groceries. And it’s not even 3 p.m.! Over the holidays I saved a few images that inspired me. I hope these also inspire you as you being to dream about your home in the year ahead.

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is it summer yet?

Once the holidays are over, I’m ready for sun and days by the pool. Would not be mad about lounging here and imagine the summer nights are just as perfect underneath those lights. Shared by @mcalpinehouse.


Where we live, construction is generally new neighborhoods where they knock down acres of trees for new build homes. So, to see something like this where nature is as much a part of the architecture as the house itself is a beautiful sight. Architecture by @zurdoarcq. Shared by @ burkhartinteriors.


Those close to me know it’s a dream of mine to have a home decor and gift shop (and now you know, too!). I’ve had this dream since my first job working in a candle shop on Main Street in my hometown. Amber Interior’s Shoppe is absolute goals and definitely on my future dream inspiration board. Shared by @shoppeamberinteriors.   Photo by @jess_isaac.


I love following Design Loves Detail for shopping deals but she recently shared the bathroom in the remodel she’s been working on and I loved the styling in this bathroom. Saving this as staging inspiration but would work great in the home you live in also! Shared by @designlovesdetail.



Kate Marker Interiors shares images I save nearly daily. Certainly one of my favorite designers right now. I love how this room looks so well put together but also comfortable and livable like you could ruffle the sheets with a Sunday afternoon nap and that would be allowed. Design by @katemarkerinteriors. Built by @tartanbuilders Photo by @stofferphotographyinteriors.


This image stopped my scroll. I don’t even like the cold but this is insanely gorgeous. Shared by @christiandawdesign. Location @emeraldlakelodge. Photo by   @stevint.


Last week it was snowing and today is sunny with a high of 57. If there’s one thing you can count on in Tulsa, it’s ever-changing weather. Not complaining though – I love the sun! Many of the images I saved this week either seemed to fall under super festive Christmas scenes covered in snow or areas that make me wish for summer. What season is your favorite? I’m a summer girl through and through. I don’t even care if it’s hot – give me days by the pool, a Vizzy in hand, and a tan.

View more on my  Pinterest “Design Inspiration” board and see previous week’s saves here. 


I image if this is where you go home for Christmas, it’s full of pure magic. The inside must twinkle at every turn, a cozy fire burning with a tree covered in Radko’s and everything you asked Santa for below. Shared by @mcmenimon.


You have to go check this one out on instagram and swipe to see all the photos in the series. I really wanted to show you the banquette you get a small peek of beyond the countertop. Surrounded by palm wallpaper with that large pendant hanging above, it stops you in your tracks. This countertop with the brass faucet isn’t too bad either. Shared by @mmlighting. Design by @andreazappone. Photo by @elizabethpedinottihaynes.


This shape of this shower is so unexpected and I love it for that. I used to be very anti- bath in the shower but every time I clean our big, jetted, early 2000s tub, I think about how awesome it would be to just hose it down, and that alone has converted me. Design by  @aanovo. Photo by @sarahshieldsphoto.


Can we take a moment to gawk over how adorable this puppy is? Just put a red bow around her. We have two cocker spaniels and I pretty much just don’t allow them to be bathed at home anymore – so. much. hair. But this situation would change all that. And it’s gorgeous! I love how the cabinetry and tile are in a similar tone to keep the look soft adding in some interest with that gorgeous patterned wallpaper and brass hardware. I’ll take this for Christmas, please. Photo by @monikahibbs. Shared by @smpliving.



We have worked on our outdoor space gradually over the last 4.5 years. This last spring, we extended the patio to add a dining area but the one thing we are still really missing is an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. This situation would do! I love how it looks just as comfy as an indoor seating area. All it’s missing is my glass of cab and I could spend many a night here. Design by


Kyle used to spend a lot of time working in Canada and I always said I wanted to go to Old Quebec City at Christmastime. We’ve still not made it but it’s still on my list. This looks straight out of a storybook and I want to experience it IRL. Shared by @millspringtravel. Photo from @travelandleisure.


It’s been snowing in Tulsa all day and it’s the perfect Christmas movie on, coffee brewing, blog in a blanket kind of day. I was inspired by a lot of images this week and here are a few of my favorites. I hope something here inspires you, too!

View more on my  Pinterest “Design Inspiration” board and see previous week’s saves here. 


Do you follow Osborn Interiors on Instagram? I came across this account a couple years ago and it literally stopped me in my tracks because her home looks exactly like Iris’ from The Holiday. The inside is just as charming. @osborninteriors


I’m seeing more and more vent hoods layered over windows and when done right (like this!), I’m loving it. How fun to watch the kids play while working on dinner? Shared by@katemarkerinteriors. Architecture by @momentdesign_architecture. Build by @tartanbuilders.  Design by @katemarkerinteriors.


Since coming across Grand Traditions Homes, I continue to be blown away by all their projects. This kitchen is a beautiful showcase of mixing finishes, and adding a pop of color. I also love how they laid the waterfall island over a planked wood island. So many beautiful details. By @grandtraditionhomes.


Another kitchen. Another vent hood over windows. I can’t get enough. I mean, look at the size of that island! Design by @eg_interiors Build by @cupic_custom_homes.


Peer in.

I have my sights set on a new patry door and am loving this double door situation. Beautiful wood tones throughout this kitchen My pantry would need a little… sprucing… though if I were to add window-paned pantry doors. Shared by @smpliving. ​Photo by @sylvieli.  Design: @blancmarineliving


This whole set-up may be a little too museum-like to work in my house (ahem, two kids) but man do I love it. Using two, what look to be block-like coffee tables, to essentially create a console is an affordable hack anyone could use! By @shelbygirard. Shared by @ashleytstark.


I’m drawn to show-stopping restaurant interiors and often choose where to eat based 70% on how the inside looks and 30% based on the menu. This one is, unfortunately, over 5200 miles away from me so I won’t be visiting anytime soon but it’s definitely on my list. (This one is currently temporarily closed due to Covid-19. Prayers for all the restaurant owners and workers this year. It’s been a tough one.) Shared by @stefanisteinla. Photo by @andreannu of @palmenhausbrasserie.


Each week, I save a catalog of beautiful homes and rooms I come across. I like to use Sunday to reflect back on what I loved and how i can implement it into any of my own projects. 

There is so much talent out there! Which one of these is your favorite? 


Doesn’t this look magical? Something extra nostalgic about the tree atop a Wagoneer. Shared by @beckiowens from @atlantahomesmag.


This new take on subway tile caught my eye. The color variation and imperfect shapes make it look more curated. Shared by @all.sorts.of. Photo by @jess_isaac.

where’s hugh?

The Holiday is one of my top two favorite movies – I watch it on repeat all year and this photo from makes me assume Iris’ kitchen got an upgrade. I’m not typically drawn to stone on the interior but I have all the heart eyes for that wall. And the vent hood. And the oven. And. And. And. Photo by @amberinteriors.

steel my breath away.

Quite a few of the images I saved this week involved black steel-framed doors and i especially love this wall of arched doors leading outside. Can’t you just imagine opening them all up for an indoor/outdoor party? Well, when we can do that again. Design/build by @grandtraditionhomes. Furnished by @jessicalagrange.


Au Café.

I can hardly believe this is part of a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan. Looking at it, I imagine French cafe music playing and chocolate croissants in the oven. Shared by @housebeautiful. Design by @crystalsinclairdesigns. Photo by @seanlitchfield.

mountain high.

This imagine literally stopped my scrolling. It hardly looks real! I am not one for cold weather – give me the beach and the sun – but this might get me to the mountains. I love how they brought the outdoors in here and kept the furnishings and textiles totally neutral to highlight the mountain view. Shared by @westofmain. Design by @victoriahaganinteriors. Photo by @lisaromerein.


Each week, I save a catalog of beautiful homes and rooms I come across. I like to use Sunday to reflect back on what I loved and how i can implement it into any of my own projects. 

There is so much talent out there! Which one of these is your favorite? 


Don’t you want to curl up in this space with a sherpa blanket, a cup of coffee and a good book? Shared by @traditionalhome. Photo by @wrsphoto.


The thing that struck me about this photo is how it’s beautifully designed and has an elevated designer look, but it’s so livable. I could see my kids jumping on that sofa without ruining everything. By @lightanddwell

chasing waterfalls.

I love a waterfall island and this one kills it. One of my biggest design pet peeves is an island with a floating counter. See how nice it looks all boxed in? Gorgeous. Shared by @hayessignature homes. Design by @jtdesigneye. Photo by @costachristmedia. Architect @john_lively_associates.


Can you believe the laundry room is hiding in that beautiful molding? This is genius, functional design. This would be ideal for adding laundry to a closet or pass-through area. Also loving that paint color. Design by @jeanstofferdesign. Photo by @stofferphotographyinteriors. Shared by @mmlighting.



There are hardly words for this kitchen It is so unexpected with the moody monochromatic palette and those ginormous lights. Such a bold design choice that absolutely kills it. I die over this whole situation. If ever there were a case study for bold design choices, this is it. Project collaboration with @ericolsendesign, @buzzellstudios, @raili_ca_design and @krsdevelopmentinc.


Continuing with the big light trend, check this out. While this space leans more modern than my typical aesthetic, I love the unexpected use of this large sconce bedside. The lesson here is to think outside the box. This might actually be a ceiling fixture but flipped on it’s side and wall-mounted, it has such an impact. Shared by @em_henderson. Design by @bradytolbert. Photo by @tessaneustadt.

white peaks.

This modern tudor stopped me in my tracks. I love the white, the over-grouted stone and sharp peaks. Shared by @ansleyatlanta. Design by @christopherai. P.S. This architect turned some of his elevations into coloring pages. Perfect way to pass the time on a cold winter day. Download them here.