The heart of the home and the room that can make or break a sale, it’s crucial to make sure your kitchen shines.

Today I’m sharing 8 tips for staging your kitchen – whether you are staying or selling – along with my go-to kitchen staging kit with links to all the things to style your kitchen to perfection.

    1. Clean!

      If hiring a professional cleaner is in the budget, now is the time. If not, get out your supplies and get to work. Clean every surface, and wipe down all cabinets, doors, appliances and the backsplash. @gocleanco on Instagram has a ton of great cleaning tips using simple ingredients and provides a step-by-step cleaning guide by room. Don’t forget the

    2.  refrigerator! Buyers will likely peek inside.
    3. Tighten or replace hardware and cabinets.

      No buyer wants to open a door and have it fall off. All you need to fix this is a screwdriver to tighten hardware. If your cabinet hardware is out of date or showing too much wear, swap it out! There are plenty of affordable options – see the next page for an idea. (Make sure to measure the existing hole spacing. It’s much easier to buy something that already fits!)

    4. Fix leaky faucets.

      This is a big buyer turn-off that might make them think there’s a larger issue. Make sure the faucet is in working order and there are no leaks. Check all the small appliances while you’re at it to ensure there are no functionality issues.

    5. Clear the counters.

      Remove everything from your counters, including all small appliances. By opening up counter space, the kitchen will appear more spacious. We’ll add some style at the end!

    6. Touch-up paint.

      Grab the blue electrical tape and mark anywhere you see that needs a touch-up on walls and cabinets. A flawless paint job will shine. We love Sherwin Williams Slate Tile, Benjamin Moore Simply White and Benjamin Moore White Dove! Need samples? Check out

    7. Check the flooring.

      Inspect to ensure there are no cracks or water damage. If you spot an issue, hire a pro to correct it before listing. Buyers will be turned off by potential hidden issues.

    8. Caulk it up.

      Re-caulk around the sink. Also check the area where the backsplash meets the countertop and ensure it looks smooth. If you spot any issues, silicone caulking here will make it look good as new.

    9. Style.

      Now it’s the fun part – style it! Keep it simple with a decorative towel and new soap dispenser at the sink, and prop up a few cookbooks with a small plant as a bookend by the stove. I also love layering cutting boards along the backsplash for an added style element. Don’t forget a bowl of lemons on the table or island. Have fun but don’t clutter up your hard work!







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